Here’s how we see things

Why 229 Life? It’s a valid question, and we want to share the answer. Here’s how we see things. Over the years, we’ve watched others struggle to showcase what’s happening, where to go, and what to do in South Georgia. Some of us were even part of those old ways.

But it wasn’t the content or the people — it was the structure. Nothing seemed to have a firm foundation, and it showed in the results.

229 Life changes all that. Built from the ground up, 229 Life is a full-featured online destination built for people and businesses alike.

Easily browse popular destinations by location, category, or name and find what you are looking for fast. We’re delivering information and content because we want to connect people and communities.

Local is everything

229 Life is born local and built local. Everything here is centered around local people and local businesses. That’s because we believe in the people who continuously dedicate themselves to our communities. This is a public outlet to connect with people in a meaningful way.

Do you want to share something that’s happening in South Georgia? With 229 Life you can do it easier than ever! Just login to your 229 Life account and head over to the Community Calendar page to submit your event. It’s that simple.

Connect with 229 Life

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Bringing people together is the cornerstone of 229 Life. Nothing else is more important to us. If we can do that, we’ve truly done our job.

So let’s get going. It’s going to be fun. That’s the 229 Life.

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