229 Life contests are the best

One of the things we do at 229 Life is contests. We run the best contests in all of South Georgia, and we are having so much fun proving it over and over again. Here’s an overview of 229 Life contests and how we run them.

So what does that mean?

For everyone in South Georgia, that means getting access to contests that provide high value for everyone who participates and for local businesses who want to partner with us.

How does it work?

229 Life contests run just like you hope they would: A valuable chance for people to win a prize worth winning over a set amount of time, and plenty of time for them to claim that prize at the end.

Are the prizes any good?

At 229 Life, we only run contests that deliver premium prize offers to the South Georgia community. We just don’t think it’s worth it to under-cut our community like that. So we keep prize value where it should be: high.

What kind of contest prizes do you offer?

High value prizes is the main priority of 229 Life Contests. You can expect us to offer anything from products, tickets, cash, and everything in between. That’s the 229 Life 😎.

How do local businesses benefit?

Local businesses benefit when partnering with 229 Life contests in the exposure they receive from having interested people connecting with their brand in a positive way, and for the premium results we deliver.

How often is someone eligible to win a prize?

Everyone who lives in South Georgia is eligible to win a prize with the exception of certain previous winners, according to the 229 Life Contest Rules and General Terms and Conditions.

How do I enter a contest?

All contest entries are made available directly from the contest page here at 229life.com. Simply follow the individual instructions for a particular contest to enter.

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