It’s a community thing

It’s important to keep up to date with things you care about. The 229 Life Community Calendar is made to help everyone do just that.

The 229 Life Community Calendar is a simple but powerful way to view events that are coming up and learn more about them. Registered users can add events to the calendar and help promote them with intuitive use and easy settings.

What goes on the 229 Life Community Calendar?

If it’s an event that’s happening in South Georgia, it belongs on the 229 Life Community Calendar. Shows, concerts, parades, celebrations, fairs, and so many other items are welcome on the calendar.

The 229 Life Community Calendar is a free tool that people can use, and we believe it will help build a bigger sense of community for South Georgia.

How can I add an event?

Adding an event to the 229 Life Community Calendar is easy. Simply login to your account and select “add event” from the Calendar menu. Then follow the prompts to add your event and submit. See? That was pretty easy.

How can I suggest an event for the calendar?

If you want to suggest an event you think we should know about but can’t add it to the calendar or don’t want to, you can send event information to us for consideration. Simply email with the who, what, when, where, and why of the event and we’ll take a look.

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